Plastic roofing need is forecasted to advance to 35.6 million squares in 2021 at the most rapid speed of all low-slope materials. Demand gains for plastic roofing will be owned by such factors as strong consumer interest in the use of TPO membranes due to their beneficial efficiency properties; specialist preference for single-ply membranes instead of multi-ply BUR systems; widespread availability of easy-to-install self-adhesive membranes; and increasing use of eco-friendly white and light colored roofing products.

TPO membranes have seen the most quick growth over the past decade, and will continue to see demand gains going forward, due to their beneficial performance properties and low cost. Nevertheless, each kind of plastic roofing has attributes suitable for use in low-slope roof applications.

United States need for all kinds of low-slope roof is anticipated to rise modestly through 2021, reaching 111 million squares, valued at $8.9 billion.

Gains will be supported by:.

– The need to change older or worn roof products, such as those installed as part of BURs or first-generation rubber and plastic items.

– Increasing interest in replacing older roof with items that can improve energy performance.

– Strong growth in the building of structures with low-slope roofings, such as office complex, retail complexes, and instructional facilities.

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