The company is celebrating their 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Award, by giving away a FREE STINGER CH38-2 Cap Hammer weekly.

Did you ever hear the phrase that when you put something out to the universe, it will answer? In Jordan Barker’s case, his answer from the universe was winning a STINGER Nail CH38-2 Cap Hammer from National Nail.

Sounds kind of corny, maybe, but here is what Jordan had to say when we spoke with him recently on the phone. “Not even two weeks ago, my foreman was telling me he sure wished that he had the STINGER Nail Cap Hammer again,” explained Jordan. “We had that same exact model previously but unfortunately we broke it.”

Jordan said he was visiting and saw the contest to win the tool so he entered. He never thought he would win. “I was a little shocked, I don’t win anything ever!” he said.

Jordan is the owner and founder of Barker Roofing, Inc. in Ontario, Canada, a family business that he started in 2004 to serve the Kitchener – Waterloo area and surrounding areas including Cambridge, Listowel, and Kincardine. Barker Roofing, Inc. does both commercial and residential roofing with more of their work being asphalt shingles.

They were voted the best roofing company in the area for the last two years and most likely will win that recognition again this year. Jordan says that his company prides itself on quality and integrity and has since 2004, when it was formed. They strive to go above and beyond in everything they do. In fact, Jordan said he received a compliment from a customer who was returning to the house with groceries and some of his crew stopped roofing to help her carry the groceries.

Quality and integrity is also why he maintains his GAF certified contractor status. “I’ve been GAF certified from the beginning,” explained Jordan. “I’ve used their product for 13 years and never have had a problem with it. The support they give to my company is phenomenal. No other manufacturer offers that level of training and testing for my team.”

Continued growth and education is important for the Barker Roofing, Inc. team. “We always want to keep learning and differentiating ourselves,” Jordan said. It’s one of the reasons he likes so much.  “I enjoy reading a lot of the articles because they are very insightful and give me new ideas. There’s information on health and safety, or tips for running the business better. I really like to see the projects guys have worked on or hear how they are dealing with frustrations that they may have.”

Jordan said he appreciates the resource that RCS give him related to the industry. “There is no real resource out there that discusses the issues that specifically apply to our trade. We are often looked down on, so it’s nice to have a resource to help give us a level of professionalism.”

Congrats to Jordan on his win! Don’t worry, the contest isn’t over yet! To celebrate their recent 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Award, they are giving away a FREE STINGER CH38-2 Cap Hammer every week. Enter to win yours today.

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